WILDCATS CHEER PRIDE MISSION STATEMENT: To provide an unparalleled, multi-year cheerleading experience for athletes and their families in Mid-Michigan, through which life-long lessons and bonds are created and fostered in a safe, competitive environment.

We want every one of our cheerleaders to come out of the program better than they were coming in. Be it improved physical fitness and cheerleading skills, a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful member of a team, or increased self-confidence. It is our sincere hope that we can develop these life skills and more; all in a fun and positive environment. As our name indicates, we are a PRIDE! We believe in self-respect, personal worth, and in everyone’s success as an athlete.

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Our goal is to develop athletes of all ages and to ensure our athletes are taught the benefits of a team sport. We truly believe that if it was not difficult or setbacks were not experienced, we wouldn’t have individual growth. Any competition that is won or lost gives an athlete an experience to learn from. A cheerleader’s decision to incorporate the following promises into their experience with the Pride will give them the platform for success on and off the mat for the rest of their life. The Pride Promises are Diligence, Discipline, Sacrifice, Focus, and Courage.

DILIGENCE– Athletes must learn that if they just go through the motions of practice, they will be unprepared for the competition. Not only will the competition be lost, it will also not be enjoyable. To make the choice to work harder than your opponents and to strive for high-set goals, will greatly increase the chance of success at the end of the day. Determined effort is most important.

DISCIPLINE– Athletes should strive for nothing less than perfection. When they perform a skill, it is not good enough to just be able to do the skill, but rather do it efficiently and as accurately as possible. Athletes should never be satisfied with averageness, but only the best. The same can be said for every aspect of life. Without discipline, the perfection that our sport demands is impossible.

SACRIFICE– A team must have trust among each member in order to succeed. Trust is earned through putting the team before yourself. Each individual that makes up a team must make the necessary sacrifices for their teammates; not to make personal gains, but to give victory to every individual on the team. Athletes must ask themselves this on a daily basis. “What can I do to help others succeed?”

FOCUS– Athletes need to be focused on their specific role on the team, despite what others say. A true athlete is performing for the good of the team as a whole by focusing on his/her responsibilities and doing them to the best of their ability. Every athlete needs to focus on doing the right thing. Everyone has control over themselves and are, therefore, responsible for their own actions. If you focus on the negative, you will find it every time. FOCUS on the good and consistently make good choices!

COURAGE -Athletes must always be ready to practice and compete with drive and fearlessness. The true competitor never backs down on any stage. The true competitor is courageous. Nothing should wear an athlete down and make them give up. See every obstacle and every trial as a challenge to overcome.


As of June 2017 owners Keila McKenna and Taylor McGuffie began leading the Pride through its 8th season. Both women have been with WCP since the beginning and have years of experience.

Keila McKenna has coached for over 20 years. With experience coaching youth recreational cheerleading, high school cheerleading, college, and “all star” programs she brings an immense amount of experience to the gym. She is a trained all star judge and MHSAA cheerleading judge, credentialed with the USASF levels 1-6, and is first aid and CPR certified.  

Taylor McGuffie has coached competitive cheerleading and tumbling for over a decade and has helped numerous teams win multiple national titles including finalist at the D2 Summit, Super Nationals Champions, and more. As a Michigan State graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts, Taylor brings the marketing, advertising, and structured communication channels to the gym. She has experience in coaching MHSAA cheerleading, youth and high school tumbling classes, and competitive all star cheer, is credentialed with the USASF levels 1-6, and is first aid and CPR certified.