Frequently Asked Questions

My child has never participated in cheerleading before. How do they get started?

Email us at for a free evaluation and tour! We can sit down and explain our various class or team offerings, help you determine the right commitment level for your family, and let your child try a class or watch a practice. No experience is needed to get started! There is a place for everyone in the Pride!

What is all-star cheerleading? 

All Star cheerleading is a buzz word for a competitive cheerleading club program that consists of cheerleaders from all different areas that work to compete to be ranked among other teams. Teams are created based on age and skill level and compete for local, state and national titles. 

How old do you have to be to cheer? 

We offer classes and teams for athletes of all ages and all skill levels! Our Tiny Novice team starts at just 3 years old and we offer a toddler class for 2-4 year olds. Send us an email for more details.

How are tumbling classes different from gymnastic classes?

Tumbling classes are strictly floor skills (no beam, bars, vault, etc of gymnastics training). Athletes are taught through a series of training progressions which involve the skills and drills needed to advance through each level in our sport. Safety is our top priority and athletes will only advance from skills they have mastered. 

Why cheerleading at WILDCATS Cheer Pride?

Cheerleading offers a combination of gymnastics, dance and acro. It is a team sport like no other with an endless amount of  skills to gain, life lessons to learn and bonds to build. WILDCATS is a step above the rest with structure, organization, competitive teams, top notch training equipment, and highly trained and qualified staff. Unlike cheerleading through your school, club cheerleading prepares athletes for a higher level of cheerleading to better prepare them for college tryouts. Even more, cheering with new friends from all over Mid-Michigan is a blast! 

How much does it cost?

Classes are as low as $45 per month. Team memberships are all inclusive (competition fees, choreography, open gyms and more!) and start at about $100 a month and go up to $300 a month for our highest level, most competitive teams.We offer travel and non travel teams, half year and full year teams, and classes year round.

Is there an online waiver?

Yes! Please click this link for our waiver. This waiver can be filled out at home and brought to the gym for classes, clinics, etc.

How do I get sponsorships?

Many local businesses may generously sponsor your athlete. We have put together a brief document for them to fill out that includes the benefits of sponsoring a WILDCATS athlete. You may download the document here. Please contact the EYC for their additional form to complete your sponsorship.